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A new car, vacation getaway, engagement ring.

Mercantile提供各种各样的贷款产品来帮助你为你的梦想融资. Of course, so does every other bank. At Mercantile, we do things a little differently, we focus on you.

Mortgage Loans

Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing, 全国网赌正规平台提供各种各样的抵押贷款产品,以适应您的具体需要. 我们已经仔细组装了经验丰富和有才华的抵押专业人员的工作人员,他们的使命是了解你的独特情况,并为你提供你想要的服务.

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Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Term Loan
这是一种固定利率或ARM贷款,在固定期限内进行固定支付, 贷款资金是一次性预付,余额随着时间的推移支付. Fixed and adjustable rate loans available.
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
This is a variable rate revolving line of credit, makes funds available as you need them on an ongoing basis.


Personal Loans

从度假到订婚戒指,还有很多很多. 可能是有担保的(你通过抵押品借款)或无担保的(没有抵押品).

Automobile and RV Loans

全国网赌正规平台为您提供快捷方便的汽车贷款,使您掌握了主动权, motor homes, travel trailers, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles and more!

Overdraft Protection

保护自己免于意外的现金流短缺,并帮助防止透支费用. 透支保护是一种附加在你的支票账户上的信用额度,当余额低于零时,它会自动将资金转入你的账户. 对于那些希望避免意外现金流短缺和透支费用的全国网赌正规平台来说,这是最好的选择.

  • Available to qualified applicants.
  • No per-transfer charge.
  • Protection ranges from $500 to $5,000.
  • 最低每月还款$20或未偿还余额的2%,以金额较大者为准. A billing statement is sent monthly.

Student Loans

无论你在哪里接受高等教育,都要筹到上学所需的钱. Student loans from Mercantile Bank in partnership with Sallie Mae® could help!

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想要探索这些选择——或任何不在名单上的贷款——打电话或拜访离你最近的地方 branch location.

Consumer Loans FAQs

Yes, you may pay off your loan prior to maturity without penalty.


你的利率取决于许多因素,包括但不限于:贷款类型, credit score, type of collateral, and age of collateral. Please ask your lender for additional information.

No, we do not require you to have a deposit account with Mercantile Bank in order for you to be approved for a loan; however, 我们希望你能考虑在我们这里开你的存款帐户. 我们有几个不同的帐户选择,作为一个额外的奖金,如果您有自动借记您的贷款支付从您的全国网赌正规平台帐户,我们将给您一个 .25%的贷款利率折扣(只适用于分期贷款).

这个过程需要多长时间,视乎你申请的贷款类型,以及我们多快能取得所需的证明文件. A Consumer Loan can typically be approved and closed in the same day; however, 根据交易的复杂程度,房屋净值信用额度(HELOC)需要14个工作日或更长时间. 在消费贷款上,你将在交易结束当天收到资金. 对于HELOC,如果贷款被取消,可能需要额外三个工作日才能收到资金. Please ask your lender for additional information.

Fees will vary depending on the loan type. Please ask your lender for additional information.

We can secure Consumer Loans with automobiles, motorcycles, travel trailers, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, and some other additional consumer goods. 房屋净值信用额度可以通过主要或次要住宅的棍式建造或模块化住宅来担保.

所需的文件将取决于你申请的贷款类型. For a Consumer Loan we may need income documentation such as a current paystub or if you are self-employed your last two tax returns; collateral information, such as a vehicle title or dealer invoice; and insurance information. For a HELOC we will need income information, legal description of the property, homeowner's insurance, and a recent tax or assessor's statement. Please ask your lender for additional information.

是的,我们可以设置自动付款,直接从您的存款账户中提取. 作为一个额外的奖金,如果您的付款是从您的全国网赌正规平台存款帐户提取,我们将给你一个 .25%的贷款利率折扣(只适用于分期贷款).

Mercantile在全国网赌正规平台州的留置权人标识号是LH117727. 请在您购买汽车时将此号码提供给经销商.

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